A great looking sit-on-top kayak. Easy to paddle,  with excellent stability and high sides. This kayak is speedy and manoeuvrable on the ocean, flat water and lazy rivers. With side handles built-in, plus additional bow and stern handles, this makes for easy handling. Very stable with plenty of on-board storage, with bow and stern tankwells. 
Features:   •Moulded-in side handles      •Bow and stern tankwells w/bungees      •Stackable (up to 4)     •Self-bailing scupper tubes      •Skid plate      •Moulded-in seating      •Moulded-in footbraces.
Length:  2.87 m    Width: 0.79 m    Max Capacity:  150 kg    Deck Height: 0.41 cm (depth) 
Weight:  20 kg     Cockpit Length:1.34 m     Cockpit Width: 0.52 cm 
Package includes Paddle and hatch with kit bag.
Fishing package upgrade available which includes the addition of 4 x flush mount rod holders, anchor and 10m of line, anchor running line (enables you to lay anchor from either bow or stern to face into tide and wind or away from tide and wind and retrive the anchor from the seating position.)   The snap hook fastenings  are all 316 grade stainless steel on our fishing packages.
The Flow is an outstanding sit-on-top kayak, great for flat water paddling, wave surfing and general, all round, smile inducing fun. 
Its size is almost perfect – small enough for your kids, but still big enough for a large adult. The Flow has excellent stability, is easy to handle, and is in the enviable position of being great fun whether you are a novice, intermediate or experienced paddler. This is an excellent versatile 2.90 m sit-on-top Kayak.  Great for any waters,  brilliant in the surf,  Stable and comfortable for Fishing with plenty of storage in the rear well,  ideal for recreational and Family fun paddling.   
Fishing kayak packages.  Four Flush mount rod holders, Anchor trolley and folding anchor with 10m rope.   
All Packages include mesh kit bag in the front hatch,   Comfortable large Palm backrest  to compliment the padded seat and seat back plus Paddle.  Mission has been manufacturing Kayaks in NZ for over 30yrs. These are all quality, UV stabilised, tough and light and come with our and Missions full backing and support.    
A Demo Flow is available to trial in our Free Demos,  Drop in or call us to arrange a personal Demo of this or other models of Kayak.   Not only do we give tips for Paddling but we can also show you how best to load and strap the Kayaks for transport.
Smooth easy paddling. this is a very nice all-rounder.
Length // 295cm   Width // 75cm   Weight // 19kg   Max Load // 150kgs
This is an excellent mid-size kayak. With great features, the added length in the Tribe 11.5 over the 9.5 means more speed, capacity and extra storage. Makes a great all-around boat for paddlers.  A stable platform for fun and fitness! This kayak lends itself to adaptation as a fishing kayak or snorkeling / diving / swimming platform, whether in the calm waters of a river or out on the ocean.
Features: •moulded-in side handles •bow and stern tankwells w/bungees •stackable (up to 4) •self-bailing scupper tubes •skid plate •moulded-in seating •moulded-in footbraces •soft touch handles.  •Length: 3.48 m •Width: 0.77 m •Max Capacity: 159 kg •Deck Height: 0.41 m (depth) •Weight: 23 kg •Cockpit Length: 1.34 m 
Great for recreational paddling, stable for fishing and with loads of storage space onboard.
This has multiple hatches and is a versatile kayak. Options include fitting of a rudder kit and/or a fishing package.
Features: Footbraces; twin 6" hatches; large oval forward hatch for storage in-hull; a comfort seat system and four comfort carry handles.  Length:3.66m  Width:0.71m      Capacity:159kg  Weight:27kg.  This is an excellent sit-on-top Kayak, fully featured, very easy to paddle and carry. Extremely comfortable on the water with loads of leg room, storage and versatility. 
Tarpons are top of the range when it comes to fit-out,  amazing Quality kayaks with a size for everyone.
The most popular Tarpon ever, due to its size and efficient use of space. The horizon is now broader, with increased capacity and innovative outfitting. Exceptionally large tankwell for its size allows storage of any gear you'll need for the haul. A stable and versatile craft, as with all of the Tarpon series, this makes a very good Angling Kayak.  Made in the U.S.A.
FEATURES : • Phase 3 SOT Seating System • Keepers Footbrace System • Large Oval Orbix Bow Hatch • 8" Orbix Midship Hatch • Tankwell w/ Bungee • Side Carry Handles with Paddle /Rod Holder • Comfort Carry Handles • Tarpon Storage Pockets • SlideTrax System
• Rudder Ready
This 10ft kayak has all the features of the larger 12ft tarpon but in a more compact size. Paddle and fish the phase 3 seats of the Tarpon range are fully adjustable, lean back or upright, raise and lower the height of the backrest. gain extra support by adjusting the leg braces. 3.05m in length and a width of 0.74m and a weight of 25kg.
The Mission Squirt. This is a lovely small kayak, stable, paddles well through the water and is easy to handle. A terrific little Kayak for the Kids with the capacity to take Adults up to 90kgs. Take this to the beach, paddle on the river. Weight 16.5kg, length 2.7m.​​

The Lagoon kayak is made especially for smaller paddlers. The flatter hull makes it easy to paddle with excellent stability, providing confidence and safety. 
The rear well is ideal for snorkelling gear and a dry bag, while the centre hatch has a bucket inside for your smaller items like keys and snack bars.  
Another handy design feature is that the Lagoon is stackable so it's easy to load two on your roof racks.  Side grab handles, Front and Rear Well, 1 x Storage Hatch with removable bucket.  Length 2.6m  Width 74cm  Weight 16kg  Carrying capacity 100kg​

The 'Gizmo' is a stable 2.6m sit-on-top Kayak with twin keels, making it an excellent small all-rounder for fun on the river or playing around in the surf. Suitable for all ages.
Multiple footwells and a wide seat, coupled with a backrest offer good comfort; and it has a moulded in bottle holder and thigh-straps, for that extra maneouverability and control.
Made in Perth. Available in a wide variety of colours.
2.6m x 0.65m 17/18kg
A Gizmo with a viewing window.  The stability of the gizmo and wide choice of colours  have resulted in a nice 'glass-bottomed boat' in which to enjoy the underwater views.

A sit-on-top kayak of amazing stability. At 2.4m, designed to be put into the 'back of a ute'. Very wide at 0.8m, and has a twin hull design. Sloped sides make it easy to paddle despite the width. Has a flat 'platform' area behind the seat. Stability wise this can make a good fishing platform. 
2.4m x 0.8m and weighs 18kg
A single seater that has been designed to track through the water with ease. A large storage well behind the seat provides space for extra gear or a companion on the stable craft, which also makes an ideal platform for a fishing kit upgrade.
Features :  3 storage hatches - central hatch lined with a bag - Comfortable molded seat - Scupper drainage holes - Safety grabline - Easy-carry handles - Linear polyethylene construction - 10 year hull warranty.  
Weight 20(kg):   Width 76(cm):   Length 366(cm):   Capacity 159(kg):
The 'Stingray' is Viking's single seater with a see through "glass bottom" feature. Great for paddling in waters with plenty of marine life. Great also for surfing or just playing with the kids. Fishing kit available. 
 Length 2.95m   width 0.79m   weight 18kg  Capacity  120kg