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in2kayaks can offer a large range of Sit-in kayaks from Mission, Perception, Dagger and Wilderness systems. Small recreational sit-in's right through to large touring Sea Kayaks. Please note however that due to the sheer range that is available to us we cannot keep an example of every model in-store, we endeavour to showcase the widest range possible and rotate stock through on a regular basis. Orders for all models can be given at any time.

Fast, Stable and easy paddling with excellent performance.
 5.07m long and with a width of 55cm this is the ideal kayak for longer trips with its impressive turn of speed and comfortable seating system. The design offers excellent stability and the Kayak is fitted with a smart track rudder with adjustable footrest system. Hatches fore and aft with bulheads for dry storage, generous deck webbing for storage of extra hull mounted gear and a day hatch in front of the cockpit. for those looking for a kayak stable and quick then this is an ideal choice.  Colours available - White or Sky Blue.
$1395.00    This includes a paddle plus a big river tapered Event 35L Dry bag as an in2Kayaks introductory special.

 At 4.5m the Cyclone is a great choice for beginner to intermediate paddlers, perfect for starting or advancing, excellent for Club day trips and paddling whether upon the ocean or rivers. At 25kg, a stable and quick kayak. Fore and aft hatches, fitted with bulheads for dry storage. The cyclone is fitted with the smart track rudder plus a variable position Skeg controled from the side of the cockpit within easy reach. Available Colours are White , Yellow, Sky blue or Vivid orange. 
$1295.00    This includes a paddle plus a big river tapered Event 35L Dry bag as an in2Kayaks introductory special.

An hour/day/weekender the carolina 12.0 offers stability, speed, and the all important comfort. plenty of dry storage with two bulkheaded dry compartments. A slightly larger cockpit area offers easy entry and exit. Features the advanced Perception Zone DLX seating system.
Length; 3.66m  Width:  0.66m  Weight: 22kg  Capacity: 125kg
This is a swift and agile light touring Kayak. Fitted with the Wilderness Systems Phase 3 AirPro tour seating system offering tremendous support and comfort. Hatches front and rear, fitted with bulkheads to make these areas dry storage for equipment. Slidelock XL foot bracing adjustable system. Can be optioned up with a Rudder.
Length: 3.81m  Width: 0.66m  Weight: 23kg  Capacity; 136kg
 The Zydeco 11.0, longer than the 9.0 offers greater speed, stability and storage capacity for day trips and exploration, still in a compact and lightweight recreational adventuring frame. Fitted with the same excellent seating system as it's smaller brother but with a bulkheaded storage area at the rear for additional essential gear.
Length: 3.40m  Width: 0.70m  Weight: 22kg
The dagger Zydeco 9.0 is that perfect small sit-in Kayak to take and explore any river, lake or dam. Superbly responsive, lightweight and easy to paddle this is fitted with the dagger Con Tour CFS-R seat. Fully adjustable, thickly padded and very supportive. The fitted seats offer endless comfort. A wider and longer cockpit opening makes this easy to step in and out of. Ideal for that Adventure recreational paddle.
​Length2.76m  Width: 0.72m  Weight; 17kg 
The Conduit 13.0 is a paddler-friendly kayak with the stability for beginners to feel confident and fully at ease. Has the speed and tracking to take you easily on those longer trips. This is fitted with the Perception Zone seating system, fully adjustable and incredibly comfortable.
Hatches fore and aft for ample storage, behind sealed foam bulkheads.
Add a rudder as an option.
​Length: 3.96m  Width: 0.67m  Weight: 23kg (this is a nice and light 13 footer) Max capacity: 134kg
A stable straight tracking 12 ft recreational sit-in kayak designed for lighter paddlers and offering stability with a sporty performance. This is a true lightweight Kayak at only 19kg with all the toughness of PE construction. With a stern hatch and bulkhead has ample dry day storage for any adventure and offers the opportunity to take this on overnighter or weekend trips. beautiful to paddle, this just cuts through the water effortlessly.
Fitted with the fully adjustable Perception DLX Zone seating system for max comfort.
Length: 3.66m  Width: 0.62m  Weight: 19kg  Max capacity: 109kg

The next step up in the Wilderness systems Tsunami sea kayak line, the 145 is longer and leaner for a greater performance. increased water line provides an increase in speed and ease of paddling. This is a tourer designed for extra gear and longer adventures. featuring the same seat as the T125 - the phase 3 Airpro, the 145 has larger stowage zones fore and aft for gear and can handle any conditions. standard fitting with the rudder.
Length: 4.42m  Width; 0.62m  Weight: 27kg  Capacity: 159kg
The Polaris 180 is a great twin seat sit-in Sea Kayak. Perfect for couples / friends and Tour / Hire groups. The hull shape is a proven design offering speed and stability plus enough space within the dry bulkhead storage areas for enough gear to take on a day trip or a full weekender. The course control fitted rudder offers additional tracking to an already suberb straight line paddling kayak. Fitted with twin Phase 3 Airpro seats for maximum in comfort and adjustable padded thigh braces.
Length; 5.44m  Width: 0.72m  Weight: 39kg  Capacity: 249kg
An Award winning sea kayak that offers excellent comfort and paddling through most conditions.   Features adjustable padded thigh braces and a slidelock foot brace system. A 10" domed bow hatch and an oval domed stern hatch. Deck rigging, soft touch handles and bow, mid, and stern bulkheads. Fitted with a height adjustable drop skeg.
Length 5.18m     Width 0.56m     Weight 25kg     Capacity 147kg
Engineered for single or multi-day capacity, added depth is suitable for mid-to-larger sized paddlers while maintaining speed and efficiency necessary for longer trips.
  Features adjustable padded thigh braces and rudder footbrace system.
10" domed bow hatch and 8" domed day hatch plus an oval domed stern hatch. Deck rigging and soft touch handles. Bow, mid and stern bulkheads. Rudder system.
Length  5.0m     Width 0.60m     Weight 30kg     Capacity 159kg
This has the most storage capacity of the Tsunami line, it’s the ultimate voyage machine for larger paddlers and larger loads.
Length 5.28m     Width 0.61m     Weight 32kg     Capacity 181kg
The Eco Bezhig is universally recognised as one of the best performing Sea Kayaks available. 5.40m in length this is built to perform. Fitted with a low profile comfortable seating system for all day paddling. The front hatch can store 71L of gear, a small 'glovebox' in front of the cockpit holds 4L. A rear hatch 80L and day hatch area 50L. Rudder up and down haul is fitted in front of the paddler for ease of operation. Fitted with foam bulkheads. The Eco has that long waterline for ease of paddling and speed, a shallow arched hull and soft chines for any water conditions.
Length: 5.40m  Width: 0.59m  Weight: 27kg  Max Load: 200kg

Perfect choice for Beginners through to intermediate paddlers. Designed with long distance cruising and trips in mind. lots of storage area in the bow and stern and even deck placement for extra gear or maps / Gps. The rudder up and down haul is located in front of the paddler for ease of operation. comfortable fitted seat system for long paddles.
​Length: 4.50m  Width: 0.62m  Weight: 25kg  Max capacity: 180kg